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About Beverage

We are serving Chef course with Sake pairing. This is our specialty and our restaurant concept. Course include alcohol beverage ( Sake).  we would like to introduce the experience of many different character sake enhancing with Japanese food to overseas customers visiting Toyama as one of the ways to enjoy Japanese food. I thought that I had this kind of concept. A variety of sakes that are compatible with each dish are available from across the country and will be served in small quantities. Some customers may think that they are "pushing". However, I think some of you may find it fun to try not only Toyama but also sake from all over Japan, together with the dishes. Along with the seasonal taste of Toyama Bay, I believe that you can spend a good time if you can enjoy the brand and type of liquor that you do not usually drink yourself, and the fresh life of the season as a new taste experience. . With these expectations in mind we look forward to your visit.



​  ワインやビール、焼酎、ウイスキーなど、いろいろなアルコール飲料の楽しみ方があることは自身も体験させていただきました。今回ペアリングコンセプトを決断するに際し試行錯誤をしてみましたが、やはり富山湾の食材を私なりに料理させていただきますと日本酒が流れとしてもしっくりするのではないかと感じました。日本酒があまり得意でないお客様もいらっしゃるかとは思いますが、それぞれの日本酒の個性を来店の機会に楽しんでもらえればと願っております。





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